875875 fill power goose down from Poland is used for our duvets and pillows with an error range of plus or minus 25.

100100% European standard goose down is used as filling for our duvets and pillows.
The finest supima cotton fabric is used for our bedding (License Number: JDZ67R67).

1Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified fabrics and down are used for our duvets and pillows.

66 certificates from international testing organizations can be provided.



The Features and Benefits of Our Goose Down Comforters

Making your bed and sleeping area more comfortable and luxurious, a goose down comforter has
been known as a perennially favorite item. For generations down has been used as stuffing or filler in blankets and
comforters and for good reason: goose down naturally holds body heat and keeps you warm.

FILL POWER Fine and high quality down provides more natural insulation. Fill power ratings range between 300,
which is not so good, to well over 700, which is top of the line. Fill power is a rating based on the loft
and softness of the down filler. All our down products exceed 700 fill power.

GOOSE DOWN Goose down is the most valued filler. Its even exceeds most duck or any other type of down.
All our goose down products meet or exceed requirements for European standard labelling.

BAFFLES Baffled comforters are those in which fabric spacers have been sewn to allow the down optimal lost space.
Baffles of all kinds are used in heating systems and other engineering applications in which air flow is critical.
Baffled comforters are superior and more expensive, and all our products are applied by baffle wall constructions.

COTTON FABRIC Type of cotton covering is important. Cotton casing should also provide an adequate shield for the down.
We are proud of our finest cotton fabric imported from Japan. The finest supima cotton fabric is used for our bedding
(License Number: JDZ67R67)

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